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Hongyuan Flour

Laizhou Hongyuan Flour Co., Ltd.

Gather the world high quality wheat, wisdom to mill the world class flour

Enterprise Spirit: Sincere Cooperation, Work Devotion, Cooperation, Mutual Benefits, Innovation!Enterprise Ethics: Loyal, Virtuous, Compatible, Honest, Promise-keeping;
Business Philosophy: Credit, Cooperation, Mutual Benefits;Management Philosophy: People-oriented. Law-abiding;
Talent Philosophy: Talent-suited, Talent-displayed;Service Philosophy: Enthusiasm, Initiative, Speedy, Professional;
Cost Philosophy: Efficient, Saving;Quality Philosophy: Quality Is Permanent Theme of the Company!
Enterprise Philosophy: The Sea Is Great because It Accepts All Rivers; the Enterprise Is Great because It Is Generous.
Motivation Philosophy: Give Priority to Performance and Give Consideration to Fairness, and Give Reasonable Return to Talent!
Core Values: Create Value Together, Share Success
Enterprise Mission: Strengthen Oneself, Repay Society
Enterprise Spirit: Break through Tradition, Make Bold Innovation
Staff Spirit: Far Sight, Deep Thought, Right Behavior
Business Philosophy: Quality Forges Brand, Credit Creates Future
Success of the Company Belongs to Success of All Staff
Provide Products and Technology with First-class Quality
Build Good and Harmonious Relationships inside the Company
Create Excellent Working Environment


Hongyuan Flour

Hongyuan Flour


Add: Songjia Village, Shahe Town, Laizhou City
Fax: 086-535-2347217
Postcode: 261432

Contact: General Manager Song


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Hongyuan Flour